5 Landscaping and Gardening Tips for Desert Environments | Murphy Construction

The design and development of landscaping for homes in desert environments can be very different from the needs of city dwellers or country folks. The environment is harsher and water harder to come by. Below are a few tips to help you develop landscaping and gardens that will survive and thrive in the high desert environment.

Use Uniform and Matching Containers for Plants

Toss out any broken or mismatched pots and containers you use to grow plants. Add a variety of sizes of pots and containers that are matched in color and design. Everyone will get the impression it’s a designer landscape. It can make the exterior of your home look great.

Plant Cactus and Other Succulents that are Less Water Dependent in Areas Far from Water

Any type of desert environment will be severely limited in rainfall for long periods of time. It means planting items that require less water to thrive. Cactus and other types of succulents are the best choices for areas of your property that are far away from water hose connections. It makes plant care easier.

Plant Flowers to Attract Wildlife, Bees, and Butterflies

Add a splash of color and attract wildlife to your high desert home with the use of flowers that hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees love. It gives you something to enjoy and watch as you sip your morning coffee.

Create Raised Bed Gardens with Concrete Blocks

You can garden and grow a few vegetable items in the desert areas, but it will require the use of raised beds or containers. The natural soil is sandy and limited in nutrients. Adding quality topsoil to a raised bed made of concrete blocks is inexpensive and works wonderfully. You can easily grow lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and more.

Build Slatted Shade Above for Gardens

Your garden will need at least partial shade at some point during the day. One of the easiest ways to offer it is by building a slatted overhead shade added to posts erected at the corners of your garden area. It will provide partial shade for a few hours each day, allowing your plants to rest from the hot sun.

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