How to Design Your Home With Less Chaos and More Organization In Mind

Slight changes and modifications in the design of your new or remodeled home can make a huge difference in being able to better organize every area. Below are some of the specific areas to look at when determining what will work best for your situation.

Storage and Shelving

One of the more common complaints of homeowners that purchase older homes is the lack of storage and shelving that suits their particular needs. Being involved in the design of a new home or complete remodel provides you the opportunity to add all of the storage and shelving you’ll ever need for the lifetime of your home ownership. You can help choose the cabinetry, closets, linen shelving, pantry shelving, and even add built-in shelves for books and home decor.

Utility Rooms

Creating a separate utility room area is great for storing items you don’t want to shuffle off to a closet. All of your cleaning equipment, household chemicals, water treatment, and water heater can be placed in one centralized spot in the home. Placing a drain in the floor will help guard against water damage to the home if you have a leak in the water softener or heater.

Laundry Rooms

Having a special nook or room for your washer and dryer is a way to keep your home more organized and the other areas of your home more accessible. You can add shelving to tuck away extra blankets, towels, or sheets. Design the exact space you need to feel comfortable when washing and drying your clothes.

Why You Should Consider Adding Big Closets

You should consider adding larger closets in every bedroom of the home. It can prove beneficial in the rooms of smaller children to help store extra toys and keep the floor space less cluttered. It can transition to creating the perfect storage solutions for clothes, shoes, books, and other special items as they grow. Closets can be easily outfitted with shelves and bins for complete organization.

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