Consider Indoor Air Quality With Your New Home Design | Murphy Construction

The quality of the air inside your home can make or break how comfortable you feel on a daily basis. The high-desert area produces a few more challenges with keeping air quality good over more humid locations, but below are a few ways you can incorporate the needed elements into your new home design.

Controlling Humidity Levels

Drier climates can prove uncomfortable for both you and your home. Your sinuses can feel itchy and fail to stop germs from invading during cold and flu season. Anything wood in your home and part of your home will also suffer. Wood planks on flooring can begin to separate and warp. Door or window trims can settle wrong and make it difficult to open and close. Keep your humidity levels indoors in the 40 to 50 percent range.

Install the Right Amount of Ventilation

Your heating and cooling costs will be minimalized and the quality of your indoor air much improved by having the right amount of ventilation throughout the home. Bringing in fresh air consistently is the best way to ensure you aren’t dealing with stagnant air filled with dust, mites, or other allergens. Don’t forget to provide the right amount of ventilation for your attic space.

Keep Odors to a Minimum

Lighting a scented candle or spraying a little air freshener might seem like q good idea at the time, but these odors can build up and become a pollutant to your air. Stick with as many products as possible that are odor-free for cleaner indoor air quality.

Air Purification Systems

A sensible way to dramatically improve your indoor air quality is to plan for the installation of an air purification system in your new home. You can choose one that is more than capable of pulling all of the contaminants out of the air and providing you with a constant flow of good, healthy air to breathe.

Call us at Murphy Construction and let our building experts help you plan for a home with healthy indoor air quality. We are happy to show you all the available options for your new home construction anywhere in the High Desert area of Southern California.