6 Problems You Can Have With Commercial Concrete | High Desert Contractors

Concrete surfaces and structures are an important part of many types of commercial properties. Problems associated with improper installation or poor concrete product can lead to expensive replacements or repairs. Below are some of the more common concrete problems seen.

Poor Preparation and Mixture

Not mixing the concrete right or a failure to prepare the spot it will be poured can lead to a disaster for your commercial concrete project. A frame or mold has to be set in place to give the shape you want the concrete to take. Make sure the mix has the right measured ingredients and that all the prep work is finished before pouring.

Erosion of Soil

Losing soil beneath a concrete slab, sidewalk, or driveway will create a situation in which one side begins to sink and the other begins to rise. Measures will have to be taken to raise the sinking portion of concrete before a break occurs. 

Concrete Poured Too Thin

Not making the correct calculations on weight tolerances can lead to huge problems if you pour the concrete to thin. Heavy vehicles, equipment, and materials can lead to cracks and breaks in the concrete slab, driveway, or other concrete surfaces. Make sure concrete slab use is determined and the right calculations are made to avoid this problem.

Drying Too Fast

Concrete will not have the strength or durability it needs if it’s allowed to dry too fast. You will notice it sheds less water and begins to show signs of water damage early. Pitting and cracking are the most common symptoms of this problem.

Cracked Joints

Any area of concrete you join with another has to be carefully planned to avoid the type of contact that leads to serious cracks, breaks, and wear. The foundational bed created for each slab of concrete should be solid and provide an even surface to allow even settling.

Peeling or Flaking Surface

More signs of water damage and poor concrete product are to have peeling, flaking, or pitting happening on the surface. You will need repairs or replacement if the surface gets bad.

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