7 Healthy and Environmentally-Friendly Flooring Products | Murphy Construction

Not all forms of flooring products are equal when it comes to being friendly to the environment to make and use. Below are seven of the best eco-friendly products you can choose for the floors of your new home.


The main ingredient in creating linoleum flooring is linseed oil. It looks similar to vinyl but doesn’t have the toxic mix of chemicals typical of plastic. Linoleum is durable and offers a myriad of color and design choices.


Rubber flooring is often used for playrooms or garage floors. It’s most often made using recycled vehicle tires. It gives the rubber a second chance at use before hitting the landfill.


Unlike wood, cork is made from material gathered from the bark of the cork tree. It doesn’t require killing the tree to get the materials necessary to make the flooring tiles. The look is similar to stone tiles but created out of a natural substance that can easily be replenished in nature.


Bamboo is an exotic wood flooring product that is catching on in popularity. The results after installation can and does rival that of expensive wood floors. Bamboo can be dyed many different colors and is from a quick-growing plant. It takes far less time to regrow bamboo than it does to grow a tree.

Glass Tiles

Glass flooring tiles are made with recycled materials and look as nice as any natural stone or ceramic flooring product. It gives off a brilliant shine that can make large open areas look great. It’s perfect for large living rooms, entryways, or stairway access points.

Reclaimed Wood

Salvaging wood from the floors in older buildings and installing it in a new project is an environmentally-friendly move. The trees have already died to create the wood flooring planks. You are simply giving it new life by installing and refinishing the product on your own floors. You can choose from wood types and cuts that are no longer widely available.


Concrete is nothing more than a few natural ingredients mixed together to harden. Nothing living has to be killed or stripped to create a tough surface for flooring. You can have it polished to a high=shine or enjoy customized stamped versions.

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