Signs Your Commercial Building Might Be Due for an Electrical Upgrade

Wiring and other important parts of your commercial electrical system can age and need replacing after years of faithful service. Below are a few signs you might need to consider an upgrade to the electrical system of your business.

Flickering Lights When Equipment Turns “On” or “Off”

When the lights flicker or get noticeably dimmer when equipment runs and brightens again when it stops, you might be pushing your luck with your electrical grid. The demand is more than your wiring and components can supply, or you’re not wired for the adequate amount of amps. You need to have an upgrade done to the system before you end up with an outage or electrical fire.

Breakers Kicking When Reasonable Amounts of Power Equipment are in Use

Using a few powered hand tools should not be enough demand to cause the breakers to kick. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also a sign that you need to bring your electrical system up to date for the needs you have on a daily basis.

You Have an Older Building That Has Never Been Upgraded

Most older commercial buildings are wired to offer 60 to 80 amps of power. Most businesses in this day and age require up to 200 and more amps to operate efficiently. Have an electrician look over your electrical system if your building is 40 years old and older, or you notice specific electrical demand issues.

You Are Planning to Add More Equipment

Be honest when it comes to your current electrical demands and any plans you have to add more equipment. If you are already pushing it with the equipment you have, consider an electrical upgrade before adding more.

You Plan to Build an Addition to the Current Building

If you are planning an addition to house more equipment or it needs electrical service ran, it might be the perfect time to do a complete electrical upgrade. You’ll know your entire system is prepared for the newer and higher electrical demands.

Wiring and Electrical Components Look Worn or Corroded

Corrosion and wiring don’t mix well. It means that somehow moisture is getting to the wiring, which can lead to unsafe conditions and the potential for fires. Have a corroded electrical system inspected and upgraded.

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