How the Right Plumbing and Drainage Can Help Prevent Clogs in Your New Home

Some of the best methods of preventing plumbing clogs and drainage problems happen from the beginning stages of your new home design and build. At Murphy Construction, we understand the importance of making sure your plumbing system is created using high-quality materials and designed in a way to prevent clogs as much as possible.

Getting the Right Slope for Sewer Drainage

The drainage lines in your home and the main sewer line have to slope consistently downward as they move sewage and wastewater towards the main sewer connection for your town or municipality. Getting this small detail wrong can set you up for clogs before too many years go by, even with a brand new home. 

Use High-Quality Plumbing Materials

The quality you put into your plumbing system will contribute greatly to the results and lack of serious clogs you experience. Cheaper materials will scar up easily on the inside surfaces, which is the perfect set-up for material build-up and clogs. Purchase quality pipes and connections that will retain a smooth finish on the inside to prolong the possibilities of major plumbing clogs.

Install Drain Screens and Easy-to-Clean Traps

The less you allow small debris, hair, and other items down your drains, the less likely you are to have a serious clog. Start out homeownership on the right foot by installing drain screens to help keep hair, soap, and other things from easily going down into your plumbing pipes. Install traps that make it easy to clean out clogs and avoid costly plumbing bills.

Don’t Scrimp On Drainage Line Sizes

Make sure the plumbing plans and design for your new home include adequate size drain pipes. Scrimping on the cost to install drainage systems that are too small for your expected water use can spell disaster. 

Add a Water Softening Unit to Avoid Mineral Deposits

The build-up of minerals in your pipes from the water can happen over years of use. You can suddenly begin to experience lower water pressure or slow draining, especially in smaller pipes. Adding a water softener system will help minimize the hard water deposits and minerals. 

Contact us at Murphy Construction, and we’ll help design a new home that takes every detail into consideration, from the right plumbing system to a long-lasting roof. We build quality homes all over the High Desert area of Southern California.