5 Reasons You Need Experienced Utility Mapping for Your Commercial Build

Planning the perfect building for your commercial investment or business is great, but you also need to consider some of the basic construction items like electricity, freshwater access, and sewage services. Professional utility mapping helps plan for the safe and successful installation of needed services.

Better Site Planning, Development, and Design Management

Project management for commercial construction needs to include utility mapping by experts in installing electrical, sewage, wastewater drainage, natural gas, cable, telecommunications, and other services. Careful consideration of land development, equipment, personnel, materials, and connection capabilities is an essential part of the initial budget and needed before the build begins. It’s impossible to plan where the structure goes without knowing how to route the utility services.

Schedule the Right Services for Excavation, Grading, or Trenching

Staying on schedule to get the commercial build completed on time is important to us at Murphy Construction. Proper utility mapping on unimproved commercial property is the best way to determine what land development services you need and when to call them in to get portions of the project complete. 

Know the Cost of Establishing Complete Utility Services

Utility mapping is your blueprint for establishing utilities, which will help the project manager determine the total costs. Cost estimates help in other parts of planning to know how to make necessary changes in building location, or other features that allow each utility service to be installed affordably.

Allows the Utility Installations to Mesh Well With the Build

The crew putting in the foundation needs to know where the utilities will be installed on the property. Those installing the utilities need to know where the foundation will be placed. Utility mapping is an important part of the overall build design and planning strategy. Everyone will be on the same page from the start.

Make Sure Everything is Planned and Carried Out to Code

Utility installations have to be completed in a way that meets all local codes for safety and in a way that protects the environment. You want your building to look great for years and safeguard the natural beauty surrounding your business.

Give us a call at Murphy Construction, and we can begin the planning of your commercial construction project today. We handle all aspects of commercial construction throughout the High Desert area in Southern California.