Signs of a Low-Quality New Home Build | Murphy Construction Contractor

Paying a high price to have a new home built doesn’t guarantee high-quality results. It’s important to find a builder that includes you in the build process so you can feel confident you’re getting the quality you need.

Noticeable Gaps Between Exterior Siding and Windows or Doors

Stand outside and take a close look at the materials covering your exterior. Gaps between doors and windows and the siding material is a sign the job was done too quickly or with a lack of knowledge. Vinyl and wood siding has to be measured and cut to fit the exact dimensions of your home.

Wavy and Bloated Siding After a Rain

Wood siding that is wavy or rain-swollen means it has been exposed to weather before installation or installed incorrectly. Problems with your siding leave your entire home in jeopardy of serious water damage. You could end up taking a hit for thousands in repairs on a brand new home.

Noticeable Interior Water Leaks Near Windows and Plumbing Fixtures

New windows shouldn’t be so ill-fitting that gaps allow water to leak into the home. Be sure to take pictures when the gaps are obvious. The plumbing should also be free of leaks. Look for areas of wet flooring and pools of water under sinks.

Loose Flooring

Tile, wood plank, vinyl, and carpeting should all be secure and without movement. Any areas of loose flooring is a sure sign of shoddy work. It leaves your underflooring vulnerable to water damage, and it can be dangerous. Not knowing a tile or wood plank is loose can cause a tripping accident.

Breakers Always Tripping

Have you noticed electrical problems since moving into your new home? Always having the breakers kick off with limited electrical use is a sign that corners were cut when installing your electrical system.

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