6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Remodel | Murphy Construction

Planning for a remodel should involve more than design and choosing finish paint colors or flooring. Below is six ways you can better prepare for your upcoming remodeling project in simple ways. It’ll make the job go smoother and get done faster.

Establish Communication With Your Contractor

Eliminate frustration by building a good system of communication with your contractor. You need to stay updated on the progress of the remodel and made aware of the schedule of people coming to your home. Make sure you have at least two ways to contact them if a problem arises.

Know the Project Timeline

Get a firm understanding of how long the area being remodeled will be out of commission. You don’t want unexpected and lengthy downtimes for things like kitchens and bathrooms without making adequate plans.

Clear Out the Area of All Items in the Location of the Remodel

Each room to be remodeled should have all items removed to allow for the work to commence. It can include furniture, home decor items, painting, family pictures, toys, plants, and more.

Keep Children and Pets in a Safe Area

Your contractor will want to stay on schedule and maximize work time while in your home. Make plans to have pets and children in areas they are safe and not in the way of the work being done.

Move Any Bulky Items in Materials Path to Another Room

The entry door and hallway to be used for bringing in equipment, materials, and removing debris needs to be cleared of rugs, furniture, and anything that can be a hindrance. Safety should be a priority.

Discuss Dust Management With the Contractor

Some remodeling projects will produce a large amount of dust. Be sure you discuss methods of dust remediation to make the air more pleasant. Cover sensitive items in other rooms with tarps.

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