Adding and changing features to your commercial property is a more affordable way to upgrade the looks and enhance the value. Below are a few great ideas to try, or get with our specialists at Murphy Construction to come up with a few custom changes.

Improved Outdoor Lighting

Not only will good outdoor lighting make your property look inviting, but it’ll also make it safer for your customers and clients as they enter or exit your building at night. It helps provide safety for parking areas, which makes a huge difference to your employees and customers.

Add Walkways and Landscaping

Make your commercial property more inviting on the exterior by adding customized landscaping, walkways, and seating areas. Create a complete oasis for customers having to wait or for employees that would enjoy an outdoor lunch break. You can affordably add a small pond and waterfall.

Install New Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Keeping the interior of your commercial building comfortable goes a long way to enhance the value. Older heating and cooling systems are less efficient and cost you more in repairs over the years. Consider replacing the units for newer, more energy-efficient models.

Replace a Worn Roof

The roof of your commercial building is one of the first features people will notice. Replace your roof if it has leaking issues or looks worn. You can choose contemporary materials that last for decades.

Add New Siding

You can completely change the look of your commercial building exterior by switching the siding material. Change the looks using brick, stone, vinyl, or completely redo your stucco.

Create Waiting Areas With Comfort in Mind

Are you embarrassed at the state of your customers’ waiting areas? Add a more appealing atmosphere with bright colors, comfortable seating, and flat-screen television. Consider adding kid-friendly features like smaller chairs and tables for their comfort.

Call us at Murphy Construction and discuss your commercial property improvement needs today. Our experts are ready to help you affordably enhance your property anywhere in the High Desert area of Southern California.