5 Great Uses for Storage Sheds | High Desert Murphy Construction

A storage shed can be used for much more than housing a lawnmower and weedeater. It can add real versatility to your property. Keep reading to get a few great ideas.

Garden or Potting Shed

People that love building and caring for gardens need a special location for all of their tools, seeds, potting supplies, and newly growing plants. You can start as small as building a 10 x 10-foot space, or go even bigger. Add all of the tables and benches you need to accommodate your items. You can personalize the space with bright colors and shelving to meet your specific needs.

Playhouse for Kids

What kid wouldn’t love a special place in the backyard to play and store all of their yard toys when the weather is bad? You can create a playhouse that resembles a cottage and has doors that can open wide for all-day enjoyment.

Storing Unused Items

Almost every home has items no longer used, but are hard to part with for a variety of reasons. Paying for storage can become costly over months and years. Build the right size storage building to house all of these items and begin saving money. It also adds value to your property by having extra storage abilities.

Cabana House for Your Pool

Nets, filters, and pool chemicals need to be stored where they aren’t damaged or lost. Keep everything in on a centralized spot on the property. Have a customized storage shed built to fit everything comfortably. Add a small area for changing into swimwear. Place a small tiki bar to the side, and you’re ready for summer fun.

Home Office or Workshop

Is your home too small to fit in a home office? Do you or another family member enjoy working on items or doing crafts? Well-placed storage sheds with windows for natural lighting can solve this space crunch.

Contact us at Murphy Construction and find out more about having customized storage sheds built anywhere in the High Desert area of Southern California. We’ll help you get started with the planning stage today.