5 Reasons to Improve Your Commercial Landscaping | Murphy Construction

Is the layout of your current commercial landscape way behind the times? Updating and improving your landscape is a worthwhile investment to improve the look and appeal of your business.

Improve the Looks of Your Business

A well-designed landscape at your business is one way to guarantee you’ve improved the overall looks of the property. There’s something about professional landscaping that makes one business stand out from the rest. Make sure you’re the one everyone is looking at in awe and respect. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Tasteful changes can make a huge difference.

Create Happy and Productive Employees

Many employees are happier at work when they know the opportunity exists to enjoy lunch on a patio. The day seems even better when you can take a walk along a sidewalk that seems more like a relaxing nature trail. Create an outdoor environment that cultivates a more relaxed and upbeat mood in your offices.

Increase Safety

Safety is an important consideration for most businesses. Installing the right lighting for walkways, entrances, parking lots, and property access points can prevent accidents with vehicles, pedestrians, theft, and property damage. Make lighting changes a key ingredient if you feel your property could use the improvements.

Increase the Property Value

Your commercial property will enjoy a higher value by getting and maintaining professional landscaping. It can make your building attractive to possible tenants and help you with present tenant retention. Everyone will enjoy working in and around a property that seems well-cared for and attractive.

Show Your Eco-Friendly Side

Choosing to add landscaping features like greenery, patios, hardscape, trees, shrubbery, and flowers all help show your love of the environment. Placing shade trees near benches make it an instant hit for those that want to sit and relax on a hot day.

No matter where your commercial property is located in the High Desert area of Southern California, we are ready to help you plan and install the best landscaping features that accentuate the surrounding natural beauty. Call us at Murphy Construction to get started today.