7 Ways to Personalize Your Company Entryway | High Desert Murphy Construction

The entryway of your building is where people will first connect and form an opinion about your business. Keep reading to learn a few ways to make changes that help your business stand out from the pack.

Company Logo on Floor or Wall

Placing your company logo in visible spots on the floor or walls of the entryway is the most personalized touch you can add to your company. It can be professionally added, and it can help keep your business in mind for future business.

Impressive Entryway Desk

Placing a grand entryway desk is an easy way to impress anyone walking in for the first time. It can make your business stand out from the rest.

Comfortable Waiting Area

Spend a few dollars in creating a waiting area that o9ffers comfort and relaxation beyond the normal waiting room. Add chairs and couches with extra cushion, large flat-screen televisions, and plenty of interesting reading materials.

Indoor or Outdoor Mural

A customized mural is a stylish way to show off your more creative side. A mural can be done on an inside accent wall or on the exterior wall of your business. Choose a relaxing beach scene, sunset scenery, or whatever your heart desires.

Add Front Door Bling

New glass entry doors, or changing the color of metal and wood doors can make a dramatic difference in the looks of your property. Pick a bright color that allows you to stand out. It’s a fun way to personalize your building.

Clean and Tidy Appearance

Add an outdoor seating area, trash receptacle, and professional landscaping for a fresh, clean appearance. Keeping your entryway tidy goes a long way to making it an eye-pleasing experience for customers.

Customized Entryway Mats

The mats on the floor of most entryways are plain looking. Add your company name to give floor mats the perfect personal touch.

Call on us at Murphy Construction if you are in the planning stages of changing your commercial building entryway. We handle everything from design to construction. Our services are available throughout the High Desert area of Southern California.