What Are a Few Eco-Friendly Home Siding Options? | Victorville Murphy Construction

Has your home siding seen much better days? The varieties to choose from are many, but what if you want to focus on eco-friendly options? Keep reading to find out more about environmentally-friendly siding choices.


Stucco is a mixture of cement, lime, water, and sand, which are blended to make a durable and environmentally-friendly covering for the exterior of your home. It holds up well to wide temperature changes and extremes without cracking. It’s also considered one of the better insulating products to use for siding a home. It will help help save on the bills during bouts of hot weather.

Stone or Brick

Using stone or brick products on the exterior of your home is labor-intensive, but the results can last 200-years or more. It’s another option providing great insulation. The lasting power and natural makeup of the product guarantee a peaceful coexistence with nature. The money you save on your bills through energy-efficiency demonstrates the eco-friendly worth of stone and brick for your exterior.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood is a popular siding product due to the ease of making color changes with paint or stain. It’s not as durable as other products, but easy to fix when necessary. Reclaimed wood from older wooden structures is a popular way to get the necessary lumber to side your home. It’s a great way to recycle and give the wood an extended life.


Metal siding has a couple of drawbacks when using it for home siding. It doesn’t insulate well or hold up for as many years as some siding products. It will help lower the danger of fires and offers low-maintenance performance.

Cement Fiber Board

Cement fiberboard is made using a combination of materials that are baked to look and feel like real wood siding. It’s valued for durability and the resistance to sun fade. It offers a small carbon footprint that people love.

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