Why Remodeling Projects Make Sense During the Pandemic

In July 2020, the California Department of Industrial Relations issued a set of safety and health protocols that contractors and workers in the construction industry must follow as the state resumes economic activity. When the coronavirus pandemic was declared in March, quite a few construction projects were put on hold; only essential work such as emergency repairs and structural maintenance was allowed. Public health officials have determined that construction projects can be managed as a low-risk activity as long as workers are able to maintain six feet of physical distancing from each other.

Utilize Downtime for Remodeling Commercial Buildings

According to the National Association of Home Builders, demand for remodeling projects has increased significantly in recent months. During the first weeks of the pandemic, both commercial and residential properties held off on getting improvements done because of uncertainty, but now that health protocols are in place and permits can be issued, owners are seeing the advantage of getting remodeling projects done at this time.

For commercial properties such as office buildings, redesigning workplaces, cafeterias, and lobbies for the purpose of maintaining social distancing is one of the most requested projects. Retail store operators are installing plexiglass panels as protective barriers, and they are also installing handwashing stations. Many commercial property owners are now considering antimicrobial building materials in order to minimize the potential of cross-contamination.

Consider Contractors for Home Improvement Projects

As for homeowners, many have taken advantage of housing market conditions and recently acquired real estate at bargain prices. Property values have been dropping since March, and mortgage interest rates are once again at record lows; bargain hunters are looking for fixer-upper deals, and they know that now is a good time to complete their renovation projects because of contractor availability. Those who have decided to wait a few more months to remodel may end up on a waiting list because there will likely be a rush of property owners looking for contractors later this year.

When you are ready to remodel your home or commercial property in the High Desert, Murphy Construction will be happy to discuss your project. Keep in mind that remodeling and renovation projects have a nice financial advantage: Every dollar you put into these projects will go towards increasing the value of your property, thus giving you more equity. For this reason, it makes more sense to think of remodeling projects as investments instead of expenses.