Minor Updates to Bathrooms That Have a Huge Impact in 2022

As one of the main rooms of the home, the bathroom should be chic and stylish to ensure you can feel comfortable using it each day and showing it off to your guests. If you have a limited budget, there are still minor updates to perform that make an impact. Here are a few top trends in 2022 that will transform your bathroom from top to bottom.

Brass Hardware

Brass hardware looks upscale and luxurious, which is easy to install on your cabinets and is affordable to purchase. Consider repainting your cabinets a new color shade like white, gray, or sage green before adding the hardware to transform the look of the feature.


Adding wallpaper in your bathroom is an easy way to make a statement and set the style of the interior setting. This works well in small bathrooms and makes more of a statement than paint. If you’re adding wallpaper to a larger bathroom, opt for using it on an accent wall to prevent the print from overwhelming the space.

Framed Mirror

Install a framed mirror over the sink in your bathroom to enhance the look of the feature and make it stand out. This looks more upscale than flat frameless mirrors that are installed in most bathrooms. Choose a mirror that has a thick frame to draw more attention to the feature and allow it to become one of the main focal points in the room.

Sleek Showerhead

Old showerheads can immediately make a shower look old and outdated if they’re more than a few years old. You can transform the look of your shower with a large showerhead that is bold and has a modern design. Rainfall showerheads continue to increase in popularity because of their luxurious design and their ability to enhance your experience showering. Brass showerheads are also popular and can create an upscale look in the shower without costing a lot of money to purchase or install. The handle in the shower should also match the showerhead.

With the right fixtures and features used, you can create a new look in your bathroom without tearing down walls or changing the layout. Minor features can have a high impact to ensure you create a contemporary design that is updated in your home.