Popular Granite Options to Consider Installing in 2022

The countertops are one of the main focal points in the kitchen and bathrooms and can cause the interior setting to look outdated if the material is no longer trending. Although granite is a popular material to install, it continues to be a popular choice because of the variety of designs available. When your countertops need a refresh, there are a few granite options to install to update the room.

Brown Granite

As more people create earthy interior settings, brown granite has surged in popularity because it adds a touch of warmth. Granite with a brown hue pairs well with different types of cabinets and makes the setting appear cozy and inviting. This type of granite often has flecks of different color shades like gray, gold, and tan.

White Granite

White granite is a popular material to select because it has a similar appearance to marble and is available at a low price point. This is a popular type of granite because it’s clean and has a classy design. It also has a reflective quality that makes the counters look upscale due to the crystals of potassium, sodium, and calcium that are present.

Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian gold granite is quarried in Brazil and has different sizes of flecks that allow it to look natural and similar to bark. In addition, it’s known to have large veins that add more visual appeal and dimension. With this type of granite, it has a lot of beige and honey color shades that create a warm look. The unique color shade allows it to complement different colors of cabinets like cherry, oak, and maple, allowing it to complement a variety of design themes.

Black Granite

Black granite is a natural stone that works well on countertops because it hides dirt and looks upscale. This material creates a striking appearance and adds a lot of drama to interior settings. This color shade can be honed or have a glossy finish with a high color consistency, depending on the look you want to create.

By selecting the right type of granite material to install in your interior setting, it can allow you to update the space and get more use out of the space. As a result, you can transform the look of the room and instantly add value to your home.