The Top Kitchen Trends in 2022 to Consider

As you plan to renovate your kitchen, you’ll need to start the design process to create a space you’re proud to show off. Although your kitchen may currently be outdated and an eyesore, there are a few trends in 2022 you may love. Here are a few of the top kitchen trends to consider to create a kitchen you can spend more time in each day.

Playful Color

More homeowners are straying from the all-white look that was popular in the last few years and are wanting to incorporate more color into the space. Playful colors like green, blue, and oxblood red are increasing in popularity because of the warmth they offer. Consider painting your cabinets your favorite color shade or adding one of the colors to your walls.

Wood Finishes

More people are returning to wood finishes because it creates a classic design in the kitchen and allows it to feel cozy. In addition, more people have a focus on using natural resources, which means you can add wood beams to the ceiling or butcher block countertops to create a warm and striking look.

Brass Light Fixtures

Brass light fixtures are chic and regal, which can allow you to make a statement in your kitchen with the lighting you install. In addition, brass lights will allow you to incorporate a metallic material into the space, which will complement all types of color shades that are on display. You can even pair the lighting with brass pulls and handles that are installed on the cabinets.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are on the rise when you want your backsplash to look classic and sophisticated. The tiles reflect the natural light in the room and look beautiful in all color shades. The material is also easy to wipe clean after you cook in the kitchen, which allows it to look beautiful over time.

When installing tiles, use thin grout lines to create a seamless and clean look, which is another trend in 2022. You can also install a large slab on your backsplash for a luxurious statement piece.

The new kitchen trends in 2022 can complement any style and are easy to execute with the help of a professional. As a result, you can transform the setting and allow it to be an inviting place where your guests feel welcome, and your family feels at home.