7 Ideas for Personalized Bathroom Remodeling

Home renovations might help you build your dream home or increase its worth. Homeowners and sellers often modify bathrooms. Many bathroom makeover ideas can overwhelm your project. However, even a couple of the below adjustments might radically modify your bathroom design.

Modern Bathroom Renovations

Home improvements should make you pleased first and foremost. More storage? Aesthetic update? Reorganization? You can get the ideal bathroom remodel for you and your home by identifying your needs.

1. Fun and Interesting Color And Design

Homeownership is fun because we can express ourselves. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and patterns in your home’s decor. Not ready for a bolder wall color or tile? Ornate mirrors and sconces are a temporary method to decorate your bathroom. Consider mirrors with medicine cabinets or shelves for functionality. Mirrors also expand a small bathroom.

Textiles are another easy bathroom upgrade. Replace old towels with luxurious ones. New bathmats or rugs. Soft, flowing drapes decorate windows. Themed bathrooms might help you get started if you’re unsure where to start. Decluttering? A minimalist style with wacky wallpaper or a coastal hue can brighten your bathroom. Make sure your style fits room goals and expresses your personality.

2. Replace The Floor

New flooring can replace cracked or moldy tiles and better protect your walls and floors from moisture. Different types of flooring can also change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Tips for choosing new bathroom flooring:

  • Avoid busy floor-to-ceiling tile.
  • Small bathrooms need softer colors.
  • For tiny spaces like the shower, use color or a mosaic.
  • Use smaller tiles sparingly because they are harder to install.
  • Avoid slippery flooring, especially in the shower.
  • Tiles are waterproof—use them in wet locations.
  • Consider your vanity, cabinetry, shower, tub, and bathroom accessories.
  • Ceramic tiles are the cheapest and easiest to install.

3. Upgrade Lighting

Switching your bathroom lights is an easy modification. There are several lighting alternatives, but you’ll want one that doesn’t take up much space and illuminates your vanity.

Our favorite lighting options:

  • Sconces. These wall-mounted fixtures can highlight your bathroom vanity. Sconces give enough lighting and symmetry when paired.
  • Bar lighting. Single rows of lights over the vanity mirror create a clean, conventional design with minimal space. Make the bar of lights no longer than three-quarters of your mirror for a professional look.
  • Uplighting. This dramatic impact can relax a low-lit bath or accentuate bathroom furnishings. Putting lights on the ground and pointing them up the wall uplights.
  • Chandelier. This elegant item is excellent for your porcelain throne room.
  • Statement Piece. A dramatic light fixture can be a bathroom focal point and complete your design style without overwhelming the eye.

4. Replace Sink

Bathroom sinks are essential for handwashing and brushing your teeth. How much storage and style you desire in your bathroom renovation will determine the sink you choose.

  • Stand-alone sinks and pedestal sinks have no storage or counter space. Pedestal sinks save space in compact bathrooms.
  • Wall-mounted sinks lack counter space and storage. It has lots of space below for baskets and containers. Some homeowners cover it with a skirt to hide items.
  • Under-mount vanity sinks connect under the countertop. Under-mount sinks take up vanity storage space despite their sleek appearance.
  • Drop-in sinks are put into a hole cut into the vanity top, with the rim resting on the surface.
  • Vessel sinks, the most decorative type, may be a statement. Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity, making them noticeable and difficult to replace.

5. Ventilate Bathrooms

Ventilation prevents mold and water damage. New overhead exhaust fans remove humidity, smells, dust, and chemicals. Even if you have a fan, you may wish to install a better-fitting, quieter one. Newer types may contain motion and humidity sensors or heaters.

Installing or upgrading windows removes humidity and stink, bringing in fresh air. Window treatments can help you maximize space and light. To ensure privacy while cracking a window, build higher windows. Jalousie windows, which open downward, enable airflow without compromising privacy.

6. Replace Bathtub

Separating the tub and shower might refresh your bathroom. This tub-shower alternative gives you more bathtub alternatives, including:

  • Unmounted tubs are magnificent bathroom centerpieces and accessible from all angles. Freestanding baths with floor-mounted or wall-mounted faucets are ideal for a long soak.
  • Corner tubs improve bathroom space. These baths are wider and resemble hot tubs due to their form.
  • Most bathtub-shower combinations have sunken tubs. Alcove tubs are wall-mounted and have one finished side.
  • Walk-in tubs are ideal for mobility-impaired homes since they have a watertight door.

If you never take baths, you can eliminate the bathtub and gain additional space. If you have little children who prefer baths to showers, think carefully before getting rid of your tub.

7. Consider Bathroom Luxuries

Bathroom pampering includes baths, mud masks, and other self-care rituals. A luxury bathroom can become a spa. Use emerald, amethyst, or sapphire jewel tones. Use gold hardware and accessories, soft chairs, and marble tiling or counters. Framed art, murals, or other costly statement pieces complete the look.

After your bathroom appears opulent, add lavish extras. Indulgence includes:

  • Floor heat
  • Rainfall
  • Towel warmer
  • Bidet
  • Boiler
  • Sauna

Use These Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Project!

Small bathroom remodels can include altering hardware, paint, and linens. They can also involve big modifications like replacing your sink or retiling the walls and floor. Contact Murphy Construction to set a budget and examine how it may effect your home’s worth.