7 Tips to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Home

Have you ever felt anxious about selecting the ideal color scheme for your house? Staring at a color wheel of paint chips can make it really difficult to decide what to do!

The Murphy Construction team is aware of the significance of picking the ideal color scheme and palette for your custom new home or remodel. Here are 7 expert recommendations for picking the ideal paint colors for your house:

Utilize a Single Color Flow Throughout

Choosing a single, neutral paint color that can be carried throughout the entire house is one method to create harmony in the space. As the color extends from room to room, it will give off a calm vibe and may even make the house appear larger. With complementary accent colors, the neutral can then be played up or down in other rooms. The possibilities are unlimited, but before you start, decide if you want the neutral to have a warm or cold undertone because that will help you decide where to start with colors.

Working from the Largest Space First

If choosing paint for your house seems daunting, start with the largest rooms and work your way out. Usually, your living room or other gathering places are like this. Once you’ve decided on a color, you may use it as a starting point to either extend it, experiment with different shades of it in adjacent rooms, or pick an entirely different color that complements your choice in the next room. Play with the possibilities using a color wheel.

Decide on Rooms that Pop

Do you want to use color to make a statement in any particular rooms? This could be a formal dining room, a bedroom, or a home office. These locations should be identified, and you should make sure that your pop of color is well-balanced with neutrals around. Bold splashes of color placed close together can overload the senses and make it challenging to make design decisions as you finish the remainder of the house.

Go Neutral in Open Areas

We advise picking a neutral color when working with high ceilings and expansive areas that may be seen from different rooms and levels of the house. You want this area to seem light and airy, with soft color that can be used throughout or elegantly paired with the other rooms from different angles.

Draw Ideas from the Decor

Do you already have plans for the home’s interior design in mind? If so, think of using the colors from those pieces as paint colors. It can be the main color in accent cushions, artwork, or even bedding. By using these hues in your wall paint, you can give the space a more upscale appearance.

Let Colors Rise and Fade

Ever ponder why white ceilings are so prevalent? The best way to choose paint colors is to allow the hues to lighten as your eye moves vertically, mimicking the effect you’d see in nature. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. Start with darker floors, paint the walls a medium tone, and then paint the ceiling with your lightest hue.

Check Your Palette

Grab the swatches once you’ve decided on your colors and try them all together. Feel any of the hues out of place? Does the trim color go well with each of the chosen wall colors? You may get a clear idea of how the finished house will look by testing all the colors at once.

Are you prepared to start building or remodeling a new custom home? Murphy Construction is happy to assist! Call us right away to learn more about our design-build process, which will guide you through each stage to produce a final project you’ll enjoy.